Best TikTok Tips & Tricks From TikTokers

Be consistent
The number one tip to TikTok Success is consistency. I honestly can not say that enough. tiktok marketing agency You have to post daily, and when I say daily I would suggest 2-3 videos per day.

Follow the trends
Another tip would be to follow the trends, this helps you with content ideas, but trending videos get pushed out to the For You page easier. I wouldn’t suggest doing the trend exactly as you see someone else do it, but make it your own. If you can make the trend funnier do it, that will give you a lot of attention, and a huge growth increase if your video takes off.

Be sure to use the trending sounds when creating your own videos. These top sounds get featured a lot faster than newer sounds, as TikTok likes to see people joining challenges and using their featured music.

If you are a brand or business looking to increase your exposure with TikTok then hashtags will be your best friend on the app. First, you will want to follow the hashtags relevant to your business, you can do this by searching the hashtag and following users who are putting out relatable content to your niche. This will help direct you to the type of content that is working on the platform, so you can start growing like crazy on the app.

A cool bio
Last but not least set a really cool bio. That is the first thing people see when they log onto your page, and it’s a great driving force to our other socials as well. Use this space to use call to actions by asking your fans to engage with your content. When you reach 1000 followers you get to put a clickable link in as well, this is great to driving traffic to your websites, or ecommerce sites.

Make sure you have a passion for making videos. Staying consistent is key to growing your account on the app. Without being passionate, the consistency and quality of your content will suffer and it is easier to get burnt out.

Professional lighting
Ensure that you have good lighting on your videos. Most creators use ring lights to create the professional appearance of their content. Videos that are more eye-appealing are more likely to be watched in their entirety.

Find your niche
Find your niche and create original content. I constantly see new creators get on the For You page and get millions of views when they have a unique video idea.

Style number 1

is content that builds your audience. Basically, content that you think has a strong chance of going viral and that will introduce you to new users on TikTok. When you’re first starting out, it’s going to take some testing until something hits. Once you have a piece of content that goes viral, figure out what elements worked and duplicate those while changing the format to be “on trend” with the latest TikTok craze. This content style is going to be the engine for your account growth.

Content style number 2

is what I consider to be “Prospecting Content.” The entire goal here is to figure out more videos that you can turn into a consistent viral series. Experiment with new formats (long form, short form, skits, etc…). Again, see what works and incorporate that into your consistent content schedule. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

The 3rd and last style of videos

are made with the intent of building a better relationship with your current audience. Essentially content that builds and strengthens your Brand. These videos will typically not go viral as that is not the intent. Instead, talk more deeply about your struggles and things you’ve overcome. You’re showing that you’re a human, so don’t be afraid to show the more authentic side of you.